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    All items ordered with frank body depend upon availability. We want you to be able to order and receive the products you love effortlessly, so we’ll always aim to let you know if an item is out of stock.

    Now and again there can be an unexpected delay, if so we’ll get in touch to let you know.

    It’s easy to place an order with us. Log-in to your account to begin browsing our range.

    Once you’ve found the product you want, you’ll need to click ‘Add to basket’. You can either carry on shopping or click ‘View Basket’ if you’ve got everything you need; this will give you the option to checkout.

    If you have any addresses or payment options saved to your account then these will automatically display in the checkout, making it quick and easy to complete the order. Otherwise you’ll need to enter the details manually.

    Check everything is correct and you’re good to go. We’ll send you an email as soon as the order is on its way.

    Yes, click on the ‘My Basket’ icon at the top of the page and you’ll be able to see the item(s) you have in there so far.

    Use the + button to stock-up on your favourite items, or the – button if you’ve selected too many. If you want to remove an item completely then click the x button.

    Our Customer Service team is always on hand to provide support and guidance. All orders have to be placed through your online account but they’re more than happy to help you do so.

    Get in touch with them now via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Yes, your delivery address is chosen at the checkout stage. Your order will automatically default to any saved addresses but you can choose to add a new one by clicking ‘Add a new address’.

    We’ll send you an email as soon as your order is on its way. You can also check your account to see the progress of an order or to track it.

    We may ship items separately in the event of one or more of the items being delayed.

    Your account makes it easy to keep track of all your orders.

    Once you’ve logged in you’ll see each individual order that you’ve placed with us. Select the one that you want and you’ll be provided with all the details you need about that order.

    We’ll also send you a dispatch email as soon as your order is on the way.

    Your account will show any previous orders you’ve placed.

    Click on the order you want to view to find out more. If the order has been sent tracked then you’ll be able to click through to track it from your account.

    The email we sent you regarding the dispatch of your order will also let you know when we expect the order to arrive.

    We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel.

    If there is anything that we might be able to do that means you don’t have to cancel, then you can contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    If not, then select the order that you wish to cancel. You can choose to cancel individual items or the whole order.

    We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if the cancellation worked.

    If it fails, this is because the order is getting ready to be sent. Items that are in stock are processed quickly so that we can aim to get products to our customers without delay.

    You can visit our Returns Policy to help you get the order back to us instead.

    Once you’ve placed your order we cannot make any changes to it.

    If you want to try and cancel so that a new order can be placed, then you’ll need to log-in to your account.

    Select the relevant order and you’ll see that you can choose to cancel individual items or the whole order.

    We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if the cancellation worked. Please don’t place a new order until you hear from us.

    Don’t worry we understand that this can happen; you can try and cancel the item in your account.

    You’ll need to click on the item and choose the cancel option. We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if it worked.

    If you can’t cancel then you can send the item back to us. It’s best to refer to our Returns Policy to find out how.

    If you still need help, then you can send our Customer Service team a message via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We’re really sorry that happened as we aim to provide high quality items to all of our customers.

    So that we can look into this for you, please contact us to tell us more via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    To speed the process up, it’d really help if you could find the information below before contacting us, don’t worry if you can’t though, we can help once you get in touch.

    1. Order Number

    2. Product Name

    3. Details of the fault

    4. Images that support the fault, if applicable

    As soon as we’ve looked into the fault we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    We’re really sorry to hear that, sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry as we can help. Please send us a message via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We’ll need to know the following information so that we can fix this for you-

    1. Order Number

    2. Incorrect item received

    3. The correct item ordered

    As soon as we’ve looked into what went wrong, we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    We take pride in our products so we’re sorry to hear you’ve received your order damaged.

    Sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry, as we can help. Please send us a message via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Please don’t throw the item away, we may ask for pictures of the damage to ensure we take measures to prevent it happening again.

    As soon as we’ve looked into what went wrong, we’ll let you know what we plan to do next by sending you an email.

    Sometimes we ship items separately to make sure that any delayed items do not hold up the rest of the order.

    It is therefore possible that the missing item may be on a separate shipment.

    Your dispatch confirmation email will list the items that have been sent. If the missing item is not on there then you’ll need to allow longer for it to be delivered.

    If the item has been sent, then please send a message through via the 'Still need help?' section (below) to let our Customer Service team know and they’ll be happy to help.

    Payments And Discounts

    We offer a variety of online payment methods to ensure our customers can place orders with ease.

    You can select your preferred payment method at checkout. As we take fraud very seriously, you will face validation and authorisation by us and the card issuer.

    We do this to ensure that our customers are safe while they shop.

    Any order placed for delivery outside of the UK could result in import duties and taxes (including VAT).

    We recommend that you contact your local customs office for information as customs policies and practices vary widely from country to country.

    If you’re seeing the status ‘Payment Problem’ on one or more of your orders then this means that we need you to check the payment information that has been submitted.

    Click onto the order and you should see an option to resolve the problem. Before re-entering any card details you’ll need to make sure that the expiry date and billing address are correct. We also recommend checking funds in the account.

    If you’ve done all that and still can’t fix the problem then please contact our Customer Service team who’d be happy to help via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    Once you place an order, the payment will show in your account as pending until we send the products to you.

    The pending transaction is telling you that the payment is authorised to be taken.

    If you want to add new payment details then you’ll need to do this at the checkout stage.

    Your new card details will be saved once your order has been placed. This means that next time around you can order your favourite beauty brands with ease. You can manage your saved payment cards by clicking into ‘Payment Cards’ under Account Settings in your account.

    Once you’ve found all the items that you want then click ‘My Basket’, you’ll see a box located below your list of items which says ‘Got a discount code? Enter it here’.

    Add your discount code into this box and click ‘Add’ to apply the discount.

    If the code doesn’t work, then you’ll need to check that you’re not trying to use more than one offer and none of the items are on our exclusions list.

    If you have any problems entering the code then you can contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We’re sorry to hear your code isn’t working, you’ll need to check that you’re not trying to use more than one code per order and that your item isn’t excluded.

    You can refer to our exclusions list to check.

    If the code isn’t being affected by one of the issues above then please contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).


    We send you an email as soon as your order is on the way, so that you can find out when it will arrive.

    For tracked orders, you can use the tracking link provided in your email or located in your account to check where your order is.

    Have you checked for any delivery cards? Your parcel may have been left somewhere safe, such as with a neighbour or been taken to a local depot.

    Our Delivery Information page can give you more information and timescales.

    If you do need to report your order as lost then please contact our Customer Service via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    All our delivery options can be found on our Delivery Information page.

    Don’t worry, if your order cannot fit through the letterbox or requires a signature then you should receive a calling card.

    This card is from the courier and lets you know where your parcel is and how you can collect it.

    Our Delivery Information page can tell you the timeframes associated with our different delivery options alongside their costs.


    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    If you still need help or have any further questions then our Customer Service team is on hand to help. You can contact them via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We try not to make things complicated for you, contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below) and they’ll do the rest.

    You’ll need to tell them the reason for the return so they can choose the best option for you.

    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    We want all our customers to enjoy their products so if you’re not happy with your order then you can send it back to us.

    All we ask is that you let us know that you don’t want the order within 14 days of receipt and make sure the products have not been opened.

    To get the order back to us safely please contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    They’ll send you all the information you need, but you can also refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    As soon as we receive your order we’ll review the reason for return and let you know what we plan to do next.

    You should receive an email to notify you of any action taken.

    Your refund should be returned to your account within 5 working days and we’ll send you an email to let you know it’s on its way.

    If you don’t receive your refund and it’s been 10 working days since you received our email, then you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).

    We want you to have peace of mind when deciding to purchase with us, so we have extended our returns policy to cover the festive period.

    All we ask is that the item(s) are pristine. Meaning they are unopened, in their original packaging and any retail seals are unbroken.

    Please note that we do not refund postage costs for the return of an unwanted item or order. To arrange your return please contact our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section (below).


    You have the right to ask about what personal data we hold about you.

    To make this request you can message us via the 'Still need help?' section (below)

    Write to us

    Feel free to write to us at the office address below, but please note that this is not the address to return items to. If you need to return a product to us, please contact Customer Service who will advise you how to proceed.

    Frank Body Customer Service Department, 

    1-2 The Stables

    Gadbrook Park


    CW9 7RA

    Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.
    If you’re having problems accessing the checkout or any part of our website, then please get in contact with our Customer Service team straight away via the 'Still need help?' section (below) so we can fix this for you.
    Please refer to our Privacy Policy page.


    Each scrub has the same coffee base of roast and ground robusta beans, with slightly different natural oils and additional ingredients.

    Each scrub can be used by all skin types, however there are additional benefits based on added ingredients.

    Sometimes it’s best to stick with your gut – or your nose for that matter, and choose which scent you like best:

    Still unsure? Check out the individual product pages for a detailed ingredient listing.

    It’s simple, babe.

    Store frank’s body scrubs in the waterproof, sealable bag they come in. We suggest storing it in a cool, dry place in between scrubs.

    If your scrub gets a little wet, it will dry after you’ve finished showering. Try not to get too much water inside the bag, and reseal the zip when you’re done scrubbing.

    If you’d prefer to keep your frank body scrub in a tupperware container or fancy mason jar, feel free, but know that you don’t have to.

    As the Shimmer Scrub and Birthday Cake scrubs are sugar based, they need to be stored in a dry, cool place at all times. If any water gets into the scrub, it may crystallise due to the sugar content.

    If you’re wondering why some of the body scrubs cost more than others, it’s simply because of the different natural ingredients contained in each – some are harder to source than others.

    This doesn’t make any scrub better than another.

    You can choose which scrub you prefer based on their specific ingredients, benefits, or scents. It’s up to you.

    This really depends on how dirty you want to get.

    And also whether you’re trying to help a specific skin condition, or if you’re just looking for a little tough love (exfoliation).

    Many babes use frank once a week, to keep their skin feeling soft and supple.

    For best results from frank’s body scrub, we suggest scrubbing 3-5 times per week, ongoing.

    frank’s body scrubs are 200g of tough love.

    Depending on how dirty you like to get, each packet should last up to 8-10 scrubs.

    You can get dirty with enough scrub to cover your whole bod, or you can choose to focus on problem areas.

    frank doesn’t recommend using his scrubs on a freshly inked body.

    You should wait until the area has healed completely before scrubbing.

    The Original Face Scrub has a more gentle feel than frank’s body scrubs, for more sensitive skin.

    It has the same roasted and ground robusta coffee beans as the body scrubs, but a much finer grind, so it still buffs away dryness and draws out impurities.

    Head to the product page to learn more.

    A creamy, caffeinated body exfoliator that sticks to you, not the bathroom floor.

    Rub me into dry skin for a quick, intense scrub or on damp skin for a gentle exfoliation that leaves you with the smoothest, glowiest of skin.

    I take two minutes, when you’ve only got five.

    #letsbefrank, our products last longer than most guys.

    All of frank’s products have a shelf life of 12 months opened and 24 months unopened.

    Just remember to keep them stored in a cool, dry place.


    My Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum plays nicest when you press, not rub me into your skin.

    For best thirst quenching results, apply me to cleansed, damp skin using your fingertips to press me into your face.

    Hot tip: My Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum mixes well with other serums. Just be sure to apply my Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid first, wait a few seconds for it to absorb then follow up with your regular serums.

    You sure can, babe. My Rewind Retinol Serum and Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum can be used together. Apply my Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid first, wait a few seconds for it to absorb then apply a pea-sized amount of my Rewind Retinol Serum on top. Remember, only use my Rewind Retinol Serum in the PM, babe.

    Lock it all in with my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser and hello fresh, glowy skin.

    Vitamin C and retinol typically shouldn’t be used together. However, my Rewind Retinol Serum and Brightening Eye Serum can be used at the same time if they do not come into contact with each other. I recommend applying the Rewind Retinol Serum all over your face, avoiding your eye area. Once the retinol serum has absorbed, gently tap my Brightening Eye Serum onto the area under your eye.

    As for my Brightening Vitamin C Mask, I recommend using this on days when you don’t use my Rewind Retinol Serum. These products should not be used together.

    Retinol is a type of vitamin A that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps smooth skin texture and fade dark spots. I made my Rewind Retinol Serum to be gentle yet effective enough for all skin types. Partnered with the blend of niacinamide (vitamin B), ginger extract and pea peptides, my retinol works to rewind time without irritating skin and fitting into your routine easily. The ideal formula for new retinol users that helps your skin adjust with ease.
    New to retinol? I’ve got you, babe. Ease me into your routine twice a week for the first month, three times a week after that, eventually four times a week. And only use me in the PM, babe. Remember, every babe is different. Find your sweet spot with how often you use me.
    Good things to come to babes who wait. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use of retinol to start seeing time-rewinding results.

    If you’re a babe who likes to keep it casual when it comes to skincare I won’t tie you down. Here’s what a day dating me looks like. In the AM use my: Charcoal Face Cleanser, Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Brightening Eye Serum, Caffeinated Face Moisturiser.

    In the PM use my: Anti Makeup Cleansing Oil, Extra Clean Face Wash, Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Rewind Retinol Serum (2 days per week, build up usage), Caffeinated Face Moisturiser.

    Short answer, always babe. It is important to apply SPF in the morning, after your skincare routine, even if you’re staying indoors all day. Don’t forget to reapply every 2-4 hours to protect your skin.
    Hey baby mummas and breastfeeding mummas, it’s a good idea to check with a medical professional before introducing new active ingredients into your routine.


    Healthy hair starts at the roots, babe. To help grow healthy hair, my Caffeinated Scalp Scrub and Exfoliating Scalp Serum exfoliate dead skin cells, get rid of any product build up, and allow good natural oils to nourish your locks.
    Every babe is unique, but in general, I recommend exfoliating 2-3 times per week.
    Before getting in the shower, use the handy nozzle of my Exfoliating Scalp Serum to apply me directly to your roots. For babes with thick, curly or braided hair, try sectioning your hair into several parts and applying to the roots all around the head. Leave me on for 10 minutes or even overnight for an extra scalp treatment. Then rinse me out in the shower. Follow with shampoo and my Caffeinated Hair Mask.
    Give me a good shake then apply me to your hands then shake into your scalp. Alternatively, apply me directly to your roots, along the part line. For added volume (and fun), add a flip at the end.
    Although I am small, I am mighty. My powder formula lives by the mantra: work hard, play harder. AKA, a little goes a long way, babe. On average, most babes will get approximately 18 uses out of one bottle.
    You sure can, babe. However, I recommend patch testing first and consulting with your hair technician before use.
    They sure are, babe. Straight, curly, wavy, coiled, my hair products can be used on all hair types.
    Many baby mummas have used my hair products during pregnancy, however, we recommend consulting with your doctor first and patch testing before use.


    Let’s be frank, I’m just what you’ve been looking for.

    I’m an Australian made, coffee-based skincare range that makes babes feel like… babes. Products made from natural and clean ingredients to give you naturally soft, supple skin.

    All of frank body’s products are made in Melbourne, Australia, using both local and internationally sourced natural ingredients, depending on supply resources and seasonal ingredient offerings.

    Check out our product pages for more details.

    After frank spending all of his life online, he has now found multiple real world homes. What can we say, he likes to spread the love.

    Head to our in store location list to find frank near you.

    Hours are Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re online.

    frank body only tests on babes. The willing, human kind.
    frank likes to keep things simple, and he thinks you should, too. That’s why he sources the best clean ingredients to make his products. Clean to frank means no nasty chemicals, no fillers, no parabens. Some of his products are natural (all scrubs), some are naturally derived (for example, most of the face range is 98% naturally derived) and some are clean (frank’s new Everyday Range is made up of a combination of naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics). All products adhere to the same guiding principles that frank stands by: simple, effective, affordable skincare that doesn’t cost the earth (in more ways than one).
    Some of our products are vegan, but not all of them. Most product pages should show you whether or not a product is vegan.

    If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section below.

    All of our products are gluten-free except for the Caffeinated Hair Mask.

    For more information, please get in touch with our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section below.

    We’ve had great feedback from baby mummas everywhere who have used frank body products throughout their pregnancy and after birth, including some of my very own frankfurts who work here.

    If you are unsure, we recommend consulting your doctor, but have had no reports of any adverse effects from the caffeine content as its working primarily on the top layers of skin and not being absorbed.

    Oh no, babe. Too much time in the sun?

    If you do happen to get a little sunburnt and your skin is looking red, don’t scrub. This will just make the soreness worse.

    Instead, wait till the redness has calmed down. In the mean time you can use frank body’s body balm: its nourishing mix of natural ingredients and essential oils will restore your skin’s moisture levels and work towards preventing bubbling, peeling, and crepe skin.

    Still ended up peeling? After the redness has died down, frank’s body scrubs are great for exfoliating dry and flaky skin, and restoring moisture levels to dry and tired skin.

    Face a little red? Avoid using frank’s creamy face scrub until your sunburn has died down, but in the mean time his everyday face moisturiser contains similar nourishing ingredients as his scrubs, to help alleviate any sunburn related pain and restore moisture levels.

    Lucky for you, frank has catered for babes with nut allergies. frank’s Coconut Coffee Scrub, Coconut Body Balm, Shimmer Scrub and Magic Shimmer Oil are some of the products made for sensitive skinned babes with nut allergies.

    Unfortunately the rest of frank’s products aren’t nut free. His face products contain almond oil, but he’s working on a way to look after your fussy face, too. Stay tuned.

    Check out our product pages for more details.

    I do – Hotel Pink. The Loyalty Program that goes to a whole new level. Head to the login page.

    frank occasionally looks for new frankfurts to join his team.

    Follow him on social media for job updates: IG & Twitter: @frank_bod Facebook: /frankskincare

    Head to our sign-up page to receive our babe mail.

    Let’s make this official.

    In the footer of every email there’s an unsubscribe button.

    Click through there and confirm you would like to unsubscribe. We’ll miss you.

    All reviews are automatically published to, unless profanities or abusive language, including hate speech, racism and/or sexism is present. If you have not had a positive experience with your product, we will contact you to see if we can help resolve the issue. This contact is made via your review on our website. If at any point you wish to discuss your experience privately, we will contact you directly. If you have any further questions about our reviews process please get in touch with our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section below.

    Hey there, paparazzi. frank body is eager to meet you, too.

    Will you make him famous? Do you know Ellen or Kimmy K?

    For all PR enquiries and to request a media kit please get in touch with our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section below

    You can find our privacy policy and our cookie policy for more information.

    Get in touch with our Customer Service team via the 'Still need help?' section below.
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    Trading Address: 2/10 Prebend Street, London N1 8PT, UK
    Email Address:
    Company Register: Companies House (England)
    Company Registration Number: 9043294
    VAT number: GB 189 7137 56
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