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Why coffee is my number 1 ingredient and why your skin needs it.

Why coffee is my number 1 ingredient and why your skin needs it.
frank body
Writer and expert6 months ago
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Coffee: some babes sip it. I prefer to scrub with it.

Because while it’s good in mugs, I like it better on your mug.


Coffee wakes skin up from the outside.

The caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow on your booty. And everywhere else. It boosts your skin the same way a long black boosts your heart rate and promotes circulation for tighter, brighter skin. Basically, it’s like a latte for your entire body.


Coffee is a natural exfoliant.

It’s tough enough for dry skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin. It’s also dead skin cell’s worst nightmare: scrubbing it away to reveal smooth and perky skin beneath. Skin looks and feels softer to touch, rub, squeeze.  Gently exfoliating with coffee also reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and marks.


Coffee makes skin glow.

Like it wakes you up from the inside, coffee wakes you up on the outside too. Think of it as a triple shot espresso for your skin.


Coffee is the perfect drink for a catch-up.

Whether you take your catch-ups in a cafe or in your shower, coffee brings babes together: for sips and scrubs.


I’m the coffee you can have after 4pm. I promise I won’t keep you up all night. Unless you like pillow talk.


Get (even more) coffee in your day and be one of the 5 million babes who scrub with me.


xx frank

frank body
Writer and expert
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